William Banham (Jeffersonville IN) 1965

Let’s bow our heads. Dear God, we are happy this afternoon for this privilege that we have of assembling ourselves together once more. And You alone, Lord, knows how our hearts has yearned for this hour that when we can stand before Thy people again here, and bring this Message that we so vitally feel that it’s so urgent in this hour. Thou has lotted us these few days now, and we pray, dear God, that Your hand of mercy will be upon us, to guide us and direct us. And give us those things which we have need of, Lord, for our hearts yearn to know You better

2 We see the great harvest field, white, ripe, and know the grain is ready now for the great threshing time. Dear God, we pray that You’ll open back the shucks from around us, let us lay in the Presence of the Son now, these next few days, and ripen to the Kingdom of God.

3 Bless every song that’ll be sang. Bless every prayer, and answer every one that’ll be prayed, Lord. Save all the lost. Call back to the house of the living God, and to fellowship, those who have wandered away

4 We pray, God, that You’ll heal every sick person that comes under our roof. Grant it, Lord. May there not be a feeble person among us at the end of these meetings

5 And, dear God, then for ourselves, we who claim in this hour to be the Church, the Called-out, those around the world who has come from out of Babylon and to be partakers of this wonderful fellowship in this last day, we pray, God, that You’ll bless our hearts in such a way. We’re truly hungry, Lord, and emptied out from all the things of the world, that we know of. Lord, we’ve laid aside every weight that so easily beset us, and now let us run this race with patience, that’s set before us. Grant it, Father. And may we be fuller, stronger, better Christians, at the end of this service, than we were when we entered. May God get all the glory, for we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen